Cat Sitting & Feeding Services

Get in touch and we’ll arrange a convenient time to come around, meet you and your cats and complete a registration form together. Alternatively complete our online registration and we’ll call to confirm your booking and arrange a time to meet.

Cat Feeding

We’ll visit once or twice a day, as you require.
Morning visits are between 7-11am
Evening visits are between 3-7pm
We will feed your cat, give them fresh water, clean litter trays and have a cuddle & play.


Our price is £10 per visit.
£15 per visit on bank holidays
£20 per visit on Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day

Looking after your home

While you’re away we can draw curtains, switch lights on and off, water plants and feed fish. There may be extra charges for watering plants depending on what you need.

Looking after your cats while you’re away

Our service is straight forward and affordable. As well as feeding, we give your cats cuddles and attention to make sure they are happy and not missing you too much!

We charge £10.00 per visit.

We’ll visit once or twice a day, as you require and we can clean litter trays, pull blinds, draw curtains, switch lights on and off, water plants and feed fish, all included! If there is anything else you need us to do, let us know.

Peace Of Mind

Cats love company and even the most nervous moggys are happy to see us when we come around. We make sure they get as much attention as they want and we will keep you up to date with our visits by text if you wish.

It can be quite stressful for cats to go to a cattery as it’s an unfamiliar environment and they are often kept in a small area or cage and given different food than they are used to. Cats can be quite independent and territorial, preferring their own space rather than sharing or being kept in close quarters with lots of other cats. We have had cats all of our lives and know from experience that keeping them at home where they feel safe is much more comfortable for them.

Our customers often tell us they are comforted knowing we are visiting their homes and by switching lights on and off, opening and closing curtains and the simple fact that someone is in and out every day means your home looks lived in and it’s not obvious you are away.